Some people have just gone on holiday, others are preparing to do so. Yet some girls and women, who suffer from fibroids (be it one or several) fear the advent of the summer holidays: 15% of women of reproductive age and one woman in three aged over 35 get anxious and fear it is impossible to enjoy some holidays if you have this pathology.

Yet there is a way around this problem. It is sufficient to partially change your habits to enjoy your holidays and relax a little. Here’s what you should do.

Firstly, choose a type of holiday that ensures free access to toilets. Going to bathroom frequently can help – even if you don’t feel the urge to go – because it can prevent you from reaching the following emergency stage, hence it’s a very useful precaution. You’re therefore better off opting for comfortable venues, so as to minimise the risk of sudden, physical discomfort. Bottom line: avoid the so-called “adventure holidays”. You should simply enjoy your holidays and relax: on a mental level, it is paramount to know you can rely on well-organised and well-equipped facilities.

When fibroids are symptomatologic, they cause a number of problems and can truly incapacitate you. They entail several difficulties that actually force you to change some of your daily habits, hence their impact on your frame of mind is remarkable. That’s why you should resort to two key allies: pragmatism, which helps you get organised and prevents pointless uneasy situations, and irony, which can be an effective support in the harshest mental situations.

Heavy menstrual bleeding and frequent urination are some of the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids and can cause embarrassing situations. We generally tend to avoid interpersonal relationships or keep aloof, owing the discomfort we experience. When we feel ashamed, we want to avoid certain contexts and this may lead to a sort of self-isolation. And that is not good. Isolation, in all its forms, simply worsens the situation, for it makes that woman concentrate more and more on the problem that makes her different and on her negative emotions, hence increasing her sense of uneasiness and amplifying her conviction that she is not the same as other women.

On the contrary, it is best to find as much diversion and distraction as possible. This is surely a helping hand. And serenity greatly depends on the organisation of a stress-free holiday. In order to maximise the holidays’ benefits, you may also want to try relaxation techniques or Mindfulness exercises, which can help you tackle all negative thoughts.