High heels can damage your posture. Tight trousers hinder your blood circulation. It may seem an exaggeration, but sometimes what you wear may turn out to be a problem for your health. Especially for women.

When we choose a specific style we hardly think about health, but on many occasions we actually endanger it owing to our aesthetical choices.

Tight trousers might seem super-feminine and trendy, but they often cause abdominal pain and swelling. According to a research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, tight jeans greatly increase the risk of developing meralgia paresthetica, a pathology that involves the nerves and causes tingling, numbness and pain in the outer part of the thigh. Another tight clothing item that is harmful to our health is the bustier. Wearing it too long, according to Health Magazine, may weaken abdomen muscles, cause respiration problems and even acid reflux.

A study conducted by the University of North Carolina in Charlotte focuses on high-heeled shoes: wearing them too often is bad for your ankle muscles. Furthermore, complications may also arise in the legs and in the back. Are flat shoes better then? Watch out, flat shoes too can be harmful for your feet. Ballerina flats, for example, offer no support and, according to the studies of a renowned podiatrist, they are often the cause of ingrown nails.

Earrings, if they are too heavy, can be harmful too: their weight may deform the earlobes and enlarge the actual hole in the earlobe. And what about the material they are made of? Another risk is developing nasty allergic reactions.

Another fearful enemy of our health? The most intimate of them all: underwear. Wearing synthetic or lace panties for many hours (either because you’re out or when you sleep) prevents your private parts from ‘breathing’. The humidity that such zones naturally create remains trapped, thus increasing the possibility of bacterial infections. And what about g-strings? The tiny strip of fabric that links the front part to the rear one gets loaded with intestinal bacteria that quite easily invade the vagina, once again increasing the likelihood of developing infections. Tight panties and bras, on the other hand, cause constant friction in very delicate parts of the body. The same goes for old and very used underwear with a stretched elastic, which constantly moves and once again causes friction in delicate parts.

Concluding, we’re not saying you must wear track suits and shapeless clothes every single day, but it is a good thing to be aware that some habits do not go hand in hand with the idea of comfort and safety.

Wearing extravagant items and accessories every now and then is not dangerous, but if it becomes a daily habit, some problems may arise. You are better off giving wellbeing the due priority.

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