All over the world, October is the month of the yearly campaign for raising awareness on breast cancer and on the impact it can have.
According to WHO statistics, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and 685,000 related deaths, globally. As of the end of 2020 breast cancer was the prevalent form of cancer, since a good 7.8 million women were diagnosed with it over the past five years. Furthermore, owing to this kind of tumour, there are more lost disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) by women globally than any other type of cancer.

Breast cancer occurs rather evenly in all countries, in women of all ages after puberty, but with increasing rates in later life. That’s why prevention, information and scientific research are all crucial for defeating it. These three ‘weapons’ are in the spotlight in Pink October, the breast cancer awareness month dedicated to specific fundraising.

Breast cancer treatment can be extremely effective, even more so when the disease is identified at an early stage. The combination of surgical removal, radiation therapy and drugs (hormonal therapy, chemotherapy and/or targeted biological therapy) can prevent cancer growth and spread, therefore saving lives. That’s why the awareness-raising initiatives suggested for Pink October increase year after year and can become an opportunity for a kind of shopping that has beneficial consequences for all women.

This year, Estée Lauder Companies shall support research by donating a part of their October sales proceeds. Cocunat will do the same, donating 1 Euro for each product of the dedicated line sold throughout the world, funding a hospital association based in Barcelona, Spain. Nuxe too shall do its share: for every anti-aging product purchased, they shall donate 5 Euros to the European Institute of Oncology. Germaine de Capuccini has created a special edition of its best-selling product and will donate 2 Euros, for each product sold, to AECC, the Spanish association against cancer.

Hairdryer and hairstraightener maker GHD has raised over 20 million dollars globally for charity associations involved in the fight against breast cancer and continues its campaign against breast cancer by supporting (through donations proceeding from the sale of its products) relevant associations and foundations.

Avon has taken action too: it will donate 1.35 million dollars (which add to the 1.1 billion dollars raised and donated by Avon and Avon Foundation for Women throughout the years). In October, as well as the Solidarity Ribbon products, a whole section of beauty products in the catalogue shall be associated with charity: in fact, a part of the proceeds of these products shall be donated to local and national associations involved in the fight against breast cancer.

But it’s not only beauty products: Pronovias Group, with its global campaign #PronoviasPink and #NicolePink, will support local associations and foundations. Lookiero, the first online personal shopping service in Europe, will organised live meetings on IG with experts and influencers to talk about prevention and assistance to our dear ones throughout therapy, offering – for the occasion – a special pink-heart box.

While it may not be fashion, renowned banana producer and distributor Chiquita does ‘dress’ bananas with its iconic blue label. This October, once again, it will turn the iconic labels of its bananas pink. The limited edition pink labels will be applied to 200 million Chiquita bananas throughout the world, thus supporting the American Cancer Society.