In Hollywood, the year 2021 is set to be very focussed on women (three women – out of a list of five directors – have been nominated for best film director at the Golden Globe awards, all best feature nominees at the Gotham awards are women and – heeding the rumours ahead of the Academy Awards – some say that three best film director nominees out of five will once again be women), so it’s high time to celebrate female solidarity through cinema.

Here is a list of ten films you should watch over and over again with your BFF or that will finally make you realise that you definitely need a special friend too.

Thelma and Louise

The list of films on female friendship can only begin with this renowned masterpiece of 1991, where the two lead characters, dissatisfied with their life, decide to run away for an unforgettable weekend.

Sex and the City

When it comes to female friendship, another absolute must is Sex and the City, sequel of the successful TV series on the lives of four friends dealing with the problems of life and love affairs in New York.

The first wives’ club

Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton are three wives left by their husbands for younger women. They won’t just sit back though: in fact, they decide to found the First Wives’ Club.

Sole, cuore e Amore

This film directed by Daniele Vicari tells us about the solidarity and friendship – almost a sisterhood – between Eli and Vale, who made very different choices in life, but who actually share a strong bond.


On paper, they should be enemies, for one of them is the former wife, while the other is the new partner. Plus, there are kids in the picture too. Instead, these two women will discover supportive of one another, despite the initial clashes and their spontaneous reluctance.

The other woman

Girl power takes centre stage in this film by Nick Cassavetes. The lead characters are three women who are love rivals but end up forming an alliance against the man who made them suffer. An alliance that will eventually result in a great friendship.

The sisterhood of the traveling pants

Four friends are about to go on holiday, each one on their own, for the first time. Before they leave, they decide to go shopping and buy one pair of jeans that fit all four like a glove. Throughout the summer, they will keep this pair of jeans one week each, to feel closer to one another.

Bagdad Cafè

A film that dates back to 1987, directed by Pervy Adlon, which won a whole lot of accolades. The story is about Jasmine, who, after fighting with her husband, sets out for a walk in the desert, until she finds shelter at the Bagdad Cafè. Here, she meets a woman – the owner – who, despite a lack of empathy and connection at first, will become a friend Jasmine can rely on to better her life.


A Lebanese film that poetically narrates the world of women. It’s about the entwining lives of a few women who work at a beauty centre in Beirut. What one could label as “cheap gossip” is actually a way to consolidate solidarity, even between very different people.


On the day of her wedding, the bride’s most important thing is not the groom, but her friends. They help and support her on this paramount day of her life. In this 2011 comedy, the bride’s friends spark an overwhelming mix of adventure, friendship and jealousy.


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