A detailed, gender equality analysis, conducted in the major spheres (business, institutions, society) of 100 countries clearly showed there is one great winner: northern European countries.
That’s the picture offered by the Female Opportunity Index following the survey of digital bank N26 aimed at assessing gender equality and equal opportunities for women.

No great surprises in the female opportunity ranking: Norway – governed by women for the past 50 years – took the top spot, followed by Finland and Iceland, hence confirming that northern European countries are leading the fight against inequality. In order to assess gender equality, the survey considered the number of years the country has been governed by a woman, starting from 1970, as well as the number of women holding major government or parliament offices.

As for the economic part, women holding managerial positions and female entrepreneurship data were analysed. Sweden has the highest number of women holding relevant managerial positions. The United States has the highest number of women in entrepreneurship and Japan is the country with the best score in terms of female access to education. At the bottom of the list we find Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan, whose overall score is exactly half that of Norway.