Autumn has come: chestnuts, sitting on the couch under a plaid, a hot cup of tea and good book to read. What could you possibly want more? Just like plants and trees, as the cold season approaches, we tend to switch to ‘rest’ mode, making the most of this period to recharge our batteries and give in to some idleness in warm, cosy house, possibly in good company.

Speaking of company, a good book rarely lets you down, especially if you’re willing to follow our advice. We have already talked about Sally Rooney’s third novel (have you read it? Give us your feedback) and now it’s high time to take a peek at what we’ll soon find in the bookstores, while always keeping an eye on novels and authors we can identify ourselves with.

We had already mentioned Mieko Kawakami when Breast and Eggs was first published. Since we definitely enjoyed it, we trust her new effort, Heaven, should be worth reading. It’s a story of bullying and teenagers who think “outside the box”.

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle, is a novel that will spark a lot of talk. Partly an essay, partly a memoir and partly a bildungsroman, it tells the story of the author and how, at a certain stage in her life, she decided she would stop lying to herself, ignore the judgments of family and friends and embrace her true nature. But it’s also a book about women and how to buck up and be free.

To be a man by Nicole Krauss is a collection of stories on memory and spirituality. The author is travelling around the world to promote it, so she might actually visit your country too. Keep an eye out for presentations, because Ms Krauss has a very original standpoint when it comes to what it means being a man today. And listening to her describe it herself can be enlightening.

Brit Bennet’s The Vanishing Half is the story of two twins, inseparable when they were girls and who choose to live in two very different worlds. One shall live in a community of people of colour, while the other will deny her heritage and immerse herself in lies in order to feel part of a “white world”. This fascinating novel’s topic shall also underlie the plot of a film soon to be released, Vanishing, and will also become an HBO tv drama.

Something to read all together: if you are surrounded by little women, you will surely appreciate A grandmother’s tales by George Sand, a 19th century French novelist. It is a collection of stories she wrote to entertain and educate her granddaughters: everlasting topics and incredible stories that stimulate your fantasy, even as an adult.