In her lifetime, a woman uses some 12,000 sanitary pads, thus producing a huge amount of waste. That’s why wearing a swimming suit during the menstrual cycle poses a bit of dilemma: wearing skimpy swimwear doesn’t always go well with sanitary pads or tampons, nor is it always possible to make environmentally sustainable choices in this context.

But just as several eco-friendly alternatives to disposable pads have been thought up (such as the menstrual cup and washable/reusable menstrual pads), there are now alternative solutions that allow you to feel free and comfortable during your menstrual cycle even when you’re at the beach or want to go swimming.

A solution could be eco-friendly swimwear, which you can wear during your menstrual cycle days to avoid using pads or tampons. Ruby Love’s bio-bikinis or eco-friendly period swimwear is the result of fashion blending with environmental sustainability. This swimwear absorbs as much as three tampons, protecting you from leaks, stains or odours. These swimsuits are made in nylon and spandex and feature an organic cotton lining and a dri-tech net on the sides, which prevents leaks. This swimwear comes in many different colours and models (one-piece, bikinis, trikinis) that meet all tastes, ranging in size from XS to 3XL.