Life of the Party, a book by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic – actress who regularly enjoys Milanese nights, foundress of an innovative magazine and author of a podcast whose title is all but reassuring – has been recently released in Italy.

NSS Magazine interviewed her and we’re showing here some excerpts of the chat, which might help shed light on the post-pandemic expectations of clubbers, which, according to Tea Hacic-Vlahovic, “should be a mission. A good party, whenever you find one, is a real gem. You must respect the party, and party HARD at parties, rather than taking pictures. Nightlife once used to be more… secret… more hardcore. But the new, post-Covid wave and the new, young queer community gives me high hopes”.

Milan is not Los Angeles, even when it comes to nightlife. “Milan is somewhat old school. You often find yourself alone, there is no public transport, there are no open stores that accept credit cards… it makes everything more dangerous and more punk. In larger, more modern cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, there is a lot less to be discovered. There is less adventure. Everything has already been done and prepared. All you need to do is shove it in the microwave”. Milan is pretty different. Tea also loves Milan’s “tourist trap bars, where you pay 5 euros for a cappuccino. They rock! The bathrooms there are always stunning. Take the Principe di Savoia: a cocktail is ludicrously expensive, but you can share it with a radical bitch, so that makes two of you. You’ll see all sorts of criminals there, and their women are dressed to kill. On the ‘Frecciarossa’ high-speed train you can sip prosecco and have crisps as you’re returning to Milan from a city that tries to be Milan”.

On a final note, an exhilarating scene that goes back to the time when Tea used to work for Dolce & Gabbana: “One night, I got invited to Dolce & Gabbana’s house, for Christmas. Now that was a BIG DEAL, believe me. It was no fashion party, it was an events for close friends and family only. Therefore, I obviously dressed up for the occasion: a Zara skirt, Topshop shoes and an American Apparel tank top. I get real high before getting there, along with my friend Filip. We already had one litre of Tavernello wine each and a couple of whisky drinks at Col di Lana n. 1. The images that house projected were a baroque dream. Carpets and gold all over the place. Beautiful, sophisticated, rich people. The music is playing, but nobody’s dancing. I asked my boss, “why is nobody dancing?”. So I start dancing, vehemently. Behind me, a waiter – a real hunk – is holding a tray with 12 flutes of champagne and several fruit juices. I was dancing and accidentally bumped into him, making everything fall, all over the place, on the carpets, sofas, dresses…. My boss looked at me and said: “That’s why nobody’s dancing”.