We know it. It’s something that arises from deep within. We know it, somewhat unconsciously. But we tend to forget that hormones strongly impact our psychophysical health and when they are in balance the body works a lot better. Making peace with hormones is therefore the first form of well-being and women can also, once they know more about the rhythms of their bodies, maximise their beauty gestures and harmonise body and mind, balancing biochemical changes and their own perception of themselves and their appearance.

For example, during the post-ovulatory phase, the skin is subject to greater levels of stress, an increase in sebum production, pimples and blackheads can appear, hair gets dirty more easily and inevitably retain more liquids. This imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone can affect serotonin levels, making us irritable and fuelling our need for comfort food, in order to compensate. All these symptoms can be addressed, preventing them from limiting our well-being. How? By managing the hormonal flow, starting from the phases of the menstrual cycle.

Phase 1
During the days of menstrual flow, oestrogen and progesterone drop to their lowest levels, which causes tiredness, hypersensitivity and, above all, craving for sweet foods. This is the body’s attempt to offset the lack of serotonin. Chocolate can definitely help in this case. The mere smell of chocolate is enough to please the senses, so chocolate-based treats and treatments are by all means an option, such as bath salts, face masks and relaxing herbal teas, which can all help you go without the comforting daily dose of sweets.

Phase 2
During the follicular phase (shifting from menstruation to ovulation), oestrogen levels rise again, positively affecting both your spirit of initiative, the softness and shine of your hair and the quality of your skin. This is the right time for daring, when you can opt for a change of look. You don’t necessarily have to change your hairstyle – maybe a fringe or a layered cut is enough. Your complexion is naturally radiant, so phase 2 can be an opportunity to look at yourself and learn to like yourself without make-up.

Phase 3
This is the ovulation phase – roughly two days – when fertility, oestrogen and testosterone levels peak. You can make the most of this period to exfoliate your skin, helping it regenerate and unveil its full radiance potential. Smoothing the skin will help it absorb products applied subsequently.

Phase 4
The luteal phase closes the menstrual cycle, when oestrogen levels drop and progesterone appears: the latter is responsible for bloating and for the drop in libido, along with the onset of symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and mood swings. Now is the time to resort to gentle beauty treatments, therefore try not to exaggerate with exfoliation, to avoid further stressing the already stressed skin. On the other hand, you can abound with moisturising creams, to be gently and properly applied, as if it were a massage. Extra pampering and cuddles in this period can help. Nail art can become a moment of mindfulness, helping you relax and focus on the present.

As you can see, there is a beauty treatment for every phase of the menstrual cycle. Making the most of it can make all the difference (and the Christmas holidays can help you find the time you need to duly take care of yourself!).

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